Telepresence has been the principal developer in several major electronic commerce initiatives. One such system is a comprehensive data shopping system for the Toronto Stock Exchange, a major North American equity market.

This e-commerce system, built using major offerings from Sun, Oracle and Netscape, allows clients from around the world to gain access to vast amounts of trading data and publications.

This data, which resides in numerous legacy databases, was rationalized and organized as part of the system implementation. Users can access it by browsing and purchasing automatically generated online publications or by specifying a precise query through a user-friendly, but powerful graphical user interface. They then download the purchased data at their convenience. The system was designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing computing infrastructure and to minimize manual processing. It automatically gathers data from mainframes and personal computers and invoices users through existing billing systems. The system includes authentication and security infrastructure, a customer care facility, and service monitoring software, which automatically corrects minor problems without operator intervention.

Telepresence developed the overall system design using Internet standards and an open, scalable, and distributed architecture. We led a survey of third party database and web server software. Additionally, we integrated the selected components and developed custom software using a vendor-independent rdbms interface, C, Perl, and JavaScript. Finally, we integrated and tested the system. Project management, documentation development, and staff training programs were also provided. The result is a system which is saving the TSE money, generating new revenue, and is acting as the platform on which several other services are being developed.

Telepresence has also provided e-commerce advice, solutions, and consulting for major Canadian banks and clients in the telecommunications industry.