Telepresence was chosen by AT&T to redesign its corporate intranet for contingency training administration. The original browser-based system was built in 1998 as a tool for handling potential business emergencies. The system was programmed in Perl and was run as stand-alone CGI scripts under Netscape Enterprise 3.0 web server.

The redesigned intranet now includes the ability to link from the website to all training content in e-learning, presentation and document forms.

Telepresence chose to maintain Perl as the programming language for the the enhanced system.To save on the considerable overhead of starting an external interpreter for any HTTP request that needs to run Perl code, the Perl interpreter was embedded in the server. Code caching was also employed as an additional means of enhancing the system. The modules and scripts are loaded and compiled only once, when the server is first started. Then the scripts are served from the cache, meaning that the server need only run the pre-compiled code.

The system was redesigned to run on Apache Web Server and Oracle 8i on a Sun Solaris 8 platform.