Globe Information Services, now Bell Globemedia Interactive, selected Telepresence Systems to replace a portion of their highly successful InfoGlobe service. The new system, called Narrowcast, searches through the daily news articles from a variety of sources for articles matching very strict search criteria, packages up the results, and delivers them to a wide variety of corporate and government clients. This system provided administrators with a greatly enhanced user interface for creating and managing client configuration and search criteria.

Several months after the successful launch of Narrowcast the client decided to enhance the user interface even further. The News Feed Control Panel provides a web-based user-interface to the Narrowcast program.

The client account and query management area of the News Feed Control Panel system is a web-based interface to the client account database. This area was developed to provide staff with an easy-to-use interface to browse and edit hierarchic information running on Narrowcast.

News Feed Control Panel also centralizes Narrowcast monitoring systems to allow Narrowcast users to track the performance of the system and the status of product delivery to clients.

The Narrowcast system was developed on Sun Solaris using Perl, the Verity search engine, Omnimark SGML utilities, and proprietary technology used by the client. The News Feed Control Panel system was built in JavaScript, Perl, and HTML.