Garry has over 35 years of experience in product development and delivery, human-computer interaction, product development, and computer-based art. Prior to founding Telepresence Systems Inc. he was a Senior Research Associate on the Ontario Telepresence Project. His responsibilities were to participate in each of the human-computer interaction, engineering, and social science research streams, and to communicate important research issues and logistic concerns among the several teams of researchers. As Technical Director of field studies, he was responsible for the budget, design, and implementation of the Telepresence technologies in 'real' workplace environments. A senior member of the User Interface Group, he directed the design and implementation of Telepresence client programs.

At Alias Research, he was a member of Strategic Research, an elite group of researchers that planned and implemented a virtual reality system for design evaluation. At The Banff Centre for the Arts, he was one of the founding members of the team that planned and implemented the new Media Arts section of the centre. He designed and oversaw purchasing and installation of the computer facilities, aided in the design and implementation of the recording and video facilities, helped set up the new Media Arts program, and moved it into the new media facility, the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building. After the facility was completed, he implemented a program of computer research and development in the arts, including development of computer graphics, computer music, digital audio, interactive systems, hypermedia, multimedia, and virtual reality. The R&D activities saw him directing small teams of computer science researchers in fine-art endeavours.

Garry is an active member of several professional groups where he participates in program committees and, as a researcher, makes presentations at international conferences. He has twice been the chair of Tomorrow's Realities at SIGGRAPH, a large-scale exhibition of high-end interactive technology, novel interaction techniques, and ground-breaking uses of computers in education.