Telepresence Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 by Garry Beirne and Ron Riesenbach with the aim of creating a new kind of technology company.

Telepresence Systems is a spin-off from the Ontario Telepresence Project, a $5 million dollar collaborative research endeavor based on the partnership of academic and industry researchers, worldwide. Members from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Canada engaged in world-leading research and the deployment of advanced computer and telecommunications technologies.

The experience and insights gained by Garry and Ron during these years of research and field trials contributed to the development of the human-centred design philosophy which is central to Telepresence Systems. Telepresence now applies this knowledge to develop sustainable business solutions by levering the social ecology of the client's workgroups and trading partners.

For more on the Telepresence success story see the article located at Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO).